Photobooth 360  New York and New Jersey


Photobooth 360 in New York and New Jersey for rental.
This type of booths are booming, many people have never seen anything like it, so the surprise factor is guaranteed with this revolutionary invention, which fortunately you can already hire in New York, New Jersey.

Photobooth 360 New York
Cabina 360° video Medelllín Colombia 360 Photo Booth Rental

Frequently Asked Questions | 360 Photobooth

You are interested in the 360° booth, that is perfect, we will give you the rental value via whatsapp, you just have to contact us and tell us when, where and for how long you need the cabin.

The booth produces a video in .mp4 format of 15 seconds duration (the same as an instagram story), guests can download the videos by scanning a QR code, immediately after they download the platform.

Yes, we can customize the videos with a design that is prepared especially for your event. Company logos, Weddings, 15 years, etc..

We need an area of 3 to 4 square meters to operate comfortably.

Up to 4 people can be accommodated in the 360° booth

Yes, we wear accessories, wigs, hats, mustaches, that kind of thing to make the videos more fun 🙂

Very little time 15 minutes and is ready to entertain everyone.

have fun in the 360° PhotoBooth


The 360° Rotating Booth is without a doubt the king of parties in New York and Las Vegas, you have to see the happy face that your guests will put on when they see that you have this Plus in your event. It is simply impossible not to want to get closer to look at it, do you want added value to your party? Here it is.

Videos HD

360 camera booth | New York City.

Cabina Fotográfica en Medellín, photobooth 360, cabina 360


Our lighting chamber guarantee excellent quality.

Cabina Fotográfica en Medellín, photobooth 360, cabina 360

Variety of Accessories

Wigs, hats, etc.

Cabina Fotográfica en Medellín, photobooth 360, cabina 360

Fully Automatic

Quick and Easy, all guests with access to the video.

Cabina Fotográfica en Medellín, photobooth 360, cabina 360

Super flashy!

All the guests wanted to participate in this so cool!

Cabina Fotográfica en Medellín, photobooth 360, cabina 360

Web Gallery

The guests can download the videos quickly and easily, since they are stored in the Cloud.

PhotoBooth 360° in New York


The best to keep the spirit of your party.


Let’s be honest, nobody wants to organize a party and see how the guests get bored or simply can’t break the ice, especially if there are people who don’t yet know each other and trust each other, as happens in marriages where families have not had enough time to Get to know each other… The 360° Booth is the perfect excuse to break the ice! All you have to do is get on the first one so that everyone wants to participate. Don’t think twice, get in touch 🙂

360 photo booth in New York

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